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I’m the decider, and I know what’s best.

Anyone else immediately have this George W. “I’m-the-decider” amazingness from five years ago spring into mind? Yes? Awesome. But let’s talk about that statement, “I’m the decider, and I know what’s best.” And not as it relates to Junior.


This weekend I’m in faaaaaab-u-LOUS Las Vegas for an AMAZING Juice Plus+ Boot Camp – with crazy-talented and successful people from ALL walks of life – where we’re learning how to build a world-class Juice Plus+ Team. And talk about personal development and growth! Never have I EVER been part of a corporate culture where the best leaders gather and spend time getting the mind-set of INDIVIDUALS within the frontline freed from heavy personal issues and motivated to work through said issues.

Case-in-point: Me. I came into Boot Camp knowing that I needed to make a decision – a decision I’ve spent more than 12 years hemming and hawing over. And what was it that I needed to decide so badly for all those years? What to do for a career. And without getting too much into that on-going process right now, let’s just say that it’s something that I’ll proudly be sharing with you soon! What I can share with you is that because of today’s Boot Camp I did make the following personal contract with myself which was witnessed by eight other people:

I, Sara Hefty, release myself from judgement. From now on, my decisions will be my own as I become the best version of myself and take ownership of my life.

Today, I became a decider. I decided to release myself from other people’s judgement, particularly my parents (whom I love).

Today, I took ownership of making my decisions. No longer will I accept MY excuses for living in indecision. I will NOT allow people who fall off the high pedestal I’ve put them on to consume my time and energy or take credit for my successes.

After all, I’m the decider, and I know what’s best (for me).

What about you over there on the other side of the screen? What’s best for you? Isn’t it time to decide?