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Will vs Am

You know how they say we should set goals? That we should have a burning desire to make what we want happen, happen? That we should write out the steps needed to accomplish our dream and begin? Act as if we already have achieved it?

And I’ve done so. Time and time again, I’ve set goals, dreamed big, and worked towards accomplishing them. And what I’ve noticed is this: The dreams I’ve had for myself where I’ve started with the thought “I will have”, “I will make”, or “I will be” those are the ones that I have not achieved. However…and this is a BIG however…the dreams where I’ve thought, where I’ve known “I have”, “I make”, or “I am”, those are the dreams that have been realized.

Some examples?

The “I will” dreams:

The “I am” dreams:

Notice the magnitude between “I will” and “I am”. It is vast. Life-changing.

The “I will” dreams focus on scarcity. On NOT having, NOT being, NOT doing. Whereas the “I am” dreams, those, even before the actions to achieve these dreams have started, have ALREADY been achieved in the mind. For example, while in high school I knew I’d graduate from college. I didn’t know exactly how I’d graduate from college, but I knew it would happen. It was a done deal. Like placing an order at a restaurant, I had no doubt in my mind that my college graduate dream would show up. Just like my dinner.

The “I will” dreams allow excuses and doubts. The thought is “some day I will have/be/do this, that, thee other. Some day. Some day is an excuse. Some day means I’m not sure IF it’ll actually happen. Hello doubt. Hello excuses. Goodbye dream.

Time to rephrase those earlier dreams of mine that had not yet been realized:

And, as it turns out, just last month I officially weighed-in at a healthy weight for my 5’7″ frame for the FIRST TIME IN MORE THAN 16 YEARS! You can bet I’ll keep you updated on the other dreams.


Here’s to rephrasing and knowing I AM!
Much love,
P.S. How are you phrasing life?


Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.
– Alan Keightley


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