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It’s MARVELOUS to be a beginner!

Ok guys, it’s confession time.

Lately, my perfectionist tendencies have gotten in the way of, well, quite a bit. (Including posting on ye ole blog! I apologize.)

Here are the stories I’ve been telling myself:

Paralysis by analysis much? Absolutely!

My husband listened to my ramblings for about ten minutes before he took a deep breathe and said, with tons of love, “JUST STICK TO YOUR ORIGINAL PLAN. You’re doing such a great job! Then, once your health coaching business is going, add in everything else.”

Wise words.

Without realizing it, I had let my fear of not being THEE PERFECT COACH – you know, the coach with every possible certification, with every answer to every possible situation – paralyze my progress. I was spending A LOT of time researching and learning, but hardly ANY time on doing the work that would lead to a successful career change and becoming location-independent.

And then, all of the sudden, it dawned on me that it is OK to be a beginner.

It is totally OK to be a beginner.

It is completely acceptable to be a beginner.

Being a beginner is part of the journey.

That said, I’m not expected to be a master coach right out the gate. (Really, it took me awhile – an incredibly LONG while – to accept this idea.) And, as soon as I released myself of must-be-a-master-coach-now responsibilities, I felt HUGE burden lifted off my shoulders and experienced a FLOOD OF CONFIDENCE in my abilities.

Of course, I am expected to be a quality coach. A coach that can motivate and help clients reach goals. And I can do that. Hell, I’ve DONE that. And I’ve done that really, really well. I’ve already helped people lose hundreds of pounds. (Career-wise, I feel that that’s been one of my greatest achievements.) I’ve also been told multiple times by personal trainers that their clients loved working with me. So, I know I’m a good coach. And I know I love being a coach.

On the flip side, I know that I LOVE being an expert, a leader, a role model. I thrive on it. I know I also love being at the top of my game and striving for perfection being the best. I like purple and blue ribbons. I like trophies. I like awards and certificates and recognition. I like my name in print.

But what I’ve discovered is to embrace the marvel of being a beginner, of being in a space where everything is new-to-me, where the possibilities are endless, and where I will grow into a master.

So, here’s to appreciating the marvelous wonders of being a beginner and owning the experience!

Much love,
P.S. Any other marveled beginners out there?


The only story keeping you from having what you want is the story you tell yourself of why you can’t have it.
– Tony Robbins


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