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March Against Monsanto: I am a stand for revolutionizing how humans around the world are nourished

Six months ago, to the day, I clocked out of my J-O-B for the final time and launched full-force into my work as a holistic health coach. If you would have told me then that in six months I’d have a thriving practice, dozens of clients and be front-and-center supporting a local protest… I would have believed you.

I wouldn’t have any idea how everything would come together to make that possible, but I’d believe it! So, here I am, celebrating six months in business the best way I know how – by walking my talk and taking a stand for revolutionizing how humans around the world are nourished.

Enjoy the speech! And here’s to the next six months!!! xoxo – SH


March Against Monsanto Speech - May 25, 2013

Me speaking at the Eau Claire Community Gardens following our march from the Eau Claire City Hall with some technical support from Just Local Food’s “Ham”.


“Hello to all my friends, families, and the independent, intelligent, and illuminating real food fighting people I have yet to meet.

My name is Sara Hefty. And I stand before you today to do my part to revolutionize how humans around the world are nourished.

I am a holistic health coach and grew up a farmer’s daughter. I was a two-time dairy princess and a pork ambassador. I worked on the family farm, I showed animals at the State Fair, and I promoted the Big Ag industry – milk mustache and all. My family’s been farming on the same land for 135 years. And I share all of that with you to tell you this: I’ve experienced first-hand the dangers of Monsanto.

A year and a half ago, my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. His doctor attributes his cancer – and many of our neighboring farmers’ tumors – cancers – to the chemicals sprayed on the fields year after year. It’s been mentioned today that some farmers have committed suicide at the hands of Monsanto. And while my father did not commit suicide, what I can tell you is that after his diagnosis, he became a completely different person. And the man he is today is definitely not the same man who I grew up with – his cancer is managed, he is happy, and… he has changed.

So, those chemicals sprayed on the fields… they cause the pests’ stomachs and intestines to explode and the pests split in half. And then we feed those crops to our cattle, and we drink their milk and eat their meat. And then we wonder WHY we have so many digestive issues when we’re eating food sprayed with chemicals that rip open pests’ intestines.


March Against Monsanto - May 25, 2013

Marching Against Monsanto throughout downtown Eau Claire on Saturday, May 25, 2013.


So I’m here today to empower you to get to know your food and where it comes from so you can eat real food. And I’m here to be a stand for every person in Eau Claire, every person in Wisconsin, every person in the United States and every person around the world having the absolute, inalienable right to real, nourishing food.

So let’s talk about food. Specifically, I’ve been asked to talk with you on staying away from corn derivatives, unfermented soy, artificial sweeteners, MSG and why. To bottom-line it, these things kill you. You should stay away from corn derivatives, unfermented soy, artificial sweeteners and MSG because the body doesn’t know what to do with them and sees them as toxic. And when your body is fighting something toxic, the body becomes inflamed.

Inflammation is the basis of chronic disease – like my Dad’s cancer, like diabetes and heart disease. Need I go on? This stuff kills. It’s been genetically modified and doesn’t make sense to your body’s chemistry. Your body does not know what to do with GMO other than get inflamed, put on weight, cause headaches, muscle pains and nerve disorders.

And just to be clear…  

So these things – corn derivatives, unfermented soy, artificial sweeteners, MSG – are hideous.

They’re poison.

They’re in our food supply.

And we are here to change that. We are here to take back our food supply with the radical idea that our food – that everyone’s food – should be real, nourishing food.


March Against Monsanto - Project Lux

These fabulous Project Lux clients ROCKED IT at the March Against Monsanto – Eau Claire!!!! From left to right, Amber, Sara (me) and Lisa. Amber captured the day on camera and Lisa’s words rallied and inspired. Much love ladies!


Empower yourself and know that you always have a choice. With every choice you choose death or you choose life. When it comes to our food supply, it is literally that dramatic.

In the words of Dr. Ann Wigmore, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

Here’s a chance to get a handle on your food choices – to take ownership of your food supply and ensure the inevitable success of every single person in Eau Claire, every single person in Wisconsin, every single person in the United States, and every single person around the world having the absolute, inalienable right to real, nourishing food.

I am a stand for revolutionizing how humans around the world are nourished. And I challenge you from this point forward and with 100% integrity and the highest respect for yourself and your legacy to choose life – every. single. time.

Thank you.”

– Sara Hefty, March Against Monsanto Speech, Eau Claire Community Gardens on Forest Street, May 25, 2013.