Breaking my addiction

One of the things that we’re asked to do as students at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is to look at our own eating habits under a light of open honesty. And while I’ve always known myself as a person with a sweet tooth, what I discovered is that my sweet tooth is much more than a sweet tooth – it’s an addiction.

And how do I know it’s an addiction? Well…on Tuesday I stopped eating chocolate and drinking any kind of soda and had HUGE cravings for both, along with a headache and low energy – to the point that on Wednesday I spent an entire day lounging around doing nothing but laying poolside, watching television, and bumming out. My mood was poor and I was getting down on myself – feeling anxious about life. How crazy is it that food can have THAT much power over a person? Over me? Talk about a wake-up call.

Now that I’ve recognized that I do have an addiction to sugar – especially chocolate – here’s what I’m going to do about it:

Here’s a great article I found on breaking sugar addictions. It has some intriguing suggestions – some of which I plan on testing out – particularly the wheatgrass juice with pineapple juice. I’ve never tried wheatgrass juice, but combined with pineapple, I’d be willing to give it a try!

How about you? Do you have any food addictions? Have you broke them? If so, how’d you do it? What worked for you? What didn’t?

About Sara

Sara Hefty (B.B.A. and H.H.C.) teaches workaholic women how to have it all and flourish without burning out, binging or being spiteful. As an expert in transformational health coaching, she holds women accountable for letting go of unwanted weight, being brilliantly nourished, grounded in truth and feeling confident, happy and playful every single day.

As a woman with her own weight loss story, wide-ranging family heritage of cancer, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Sara’s appreciation for convenient nutrient-dense food, personal growth, inspiring design, financial responsibility, and social entrepreneurship led to her “Pursuit of Ownership: Health, Home, and Legacy” model of heart-on-fire-hot empowered living.

Sara is the founder of PROJECT LUX and She currently lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with her husband Brian and hound-dog Raja.