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On behalf of the woman I have yet to meet… (time sensitive)

In our interconnected web, there is one who deeply knows that it’s time to LOVE HERSELF happy, healthy, and true.

Today, I’m looking for her, for that one woman who is a YES to stepping into all of her feminine brilliance and showing up for herself like never before.

I feel that this woman is a nurse or business professional who is at one of her heaviest points in life, physically as well as emotionally. Her relationships have wounded her in ways injuring self esteem, self confidence, and self worth. She knows she’s survived some massive life situations and she’s to take her life to the next level… TODAY.

More details and progress reports on this as the day continues to unfold.

And, if this sounds like someone you know and love, call me right away at (715) 529-0405. I only have one private coaching client opening, and I deeply believe that some one incredibly ready to show up for herself will have snagged it by 6:30 p.m. CST.

Much love,
Sara Ann

P.S. Our transformational coaching work together can be done in person or over the phone. (Location is unrestricted.) What’s important is she’s ready to move forward in her health, happiness, relationships, and career, significantly. xoxo

Love, Feminine Brilliance: Lisa Fabrega


“Cleanse all that is not love.

  Purge all that is not true.

  Release all that is not you.”



Wow! I love actionable inspiration!

Here’s that and a few of my kindest magic tricks – including The Star of Stretch and Support – from last Saturday’s Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions ALIVE podcast.


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