Deadlines vs goals

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just isn’t the same. Admittedly, I’ve used deadlines countless times to amble forward on projects. That said, I can’t say when the last time was that I was MOTIVATED to put my forth my best effort by simply setting a deadline. It was always more the case of stop-procrastinating-and-get-it-done-already. Once I focused on the task at hand, I finished it and I finished it well, but the work itself wouldn’t elevate my level of thinking or challenge me to grow. The task was a hoop to jump through. And while jumping through hoops will allow you to graduate and stay employed, it does not enable you to create a legacy.

To create a legacy, you must, must, must know what you want and go after it! You must define your goals. A legacy doesn’t just happen, and a legacy certainly doesn’t happen by jumping through hoops. A legacy happens when a person has a burning desire to go after what they want in life and then persistently take action. Deadlines are not enough. When you know what you want and are working towards what you want every day, then the deadlines don’t matter. You know what you want and you know that you’ll get it – it’s just a matter of when. In the mean time, do the work.

It’s quite exciting to see a list of your goals defined – goals that YOU created and that YOU love – on paper. Even more exciting is then seeing your list of goals put in order of how they’ll be accomplished. Seeing where YOUR life is heading and being EXCITED and THRILLED about it elevates your passion and fuels your desire to do the work necessary to make the life on paper your reality.

Where’s your life heading?

About Sara

Sara Hefty (B.B.A. and H.H.C.) teaches workaholic women how to have it all and flourish without burning out, binging or being spiteful. As an expert in transformational health coaching, she holds women accountable for letting go of unwanted weight, being brilliantly nourished, grounded in truth and feeling confident, happy and playful every single day.

As a woman with her own weight loss story, wide-ranging family heritage of cancer, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Sara’s appreciation for convenient nutrient-dense food, personal growth, inspiring design, financial responsibility, and social entrepreneurship led to her “Pursuit of Ownership: Health, Home, and Legacy” model of heart-on-fire-hot empowered living.

Sara is the founder of PROJECT LUX and She currently lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with her husband Brian and hound-dog Raja.